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Metal Roofing

Is metal roofing a good enough investment to warrant using it on a large building? Depending on the size of your building, your roofing strategy might differ and any of the roofing contractors Longmont is home to and might ask will have varying opinions on what you should do. However, metal is usually considered by most contractors to be the very best roof to install in order to avoid hefty repairs, impromptu re-roofing projects and difficult maintenance issues.


Metal roofing is used differently in commercial versus residential roofing. A good quality commercial roof will be a flat and cheap one, which means you’ll have to opt for metal panel roofing and ensure that your roof is as practical as possible. That way, even if your building is larger and the square footage of the roof would cost a lot when installing a sloped roof, your metal panel roof will be a lot cheaper.


Most metal roofing concerns revolve around rust and bad weather. However, flat roofs are easy to repair if they start to rust, and special coating is available that can prevent that from happening. With proper maintenance, all your roofer has to do is spot any rusting during its earlier days, repair the affected area and seal it up with the proper coating. The material will do the rest.

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