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Parker Colorado Roofing Company and EPDM Roofing Type

A Parker CO roofer doesn’t normally focus so much on recommending a specific type of residential roof. However, when considering the most practical types of roofing materials and designs, they will often recommend EPDM even for residential roofs. Typically used in the commercial roofing industry, EPDM has made quite a name for itself as a highly durable, efficient and weatherproof roofing material that tends to be easy to maintain, install and repair.


Considering these advantages, it already looks like EPDM is a better choice compared to asphalt shingles, wood, composite shingles and even certain metals. It can match the durability level of a steel roof, lasting for about half a century with a good Parker roofer maintenance program, and it can also protect you from expensive roof repair jobs down the line, since the roof is easy to inspect and repair, if needed.


When faced with tough weather conditions such as extreme cold and powerful storms, an EPDM roof will withstand all those stressors quite well. That is an advantage that an intelligent and reliable Parker roofing expert will never overlook, which explains for the most part why Parker roofing professionals will often opt for and recommend EPDM roofing for residential applications, even while turning away from metal roofing, which is usually quite popular as well.

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