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How Your Lakewood Roofer can help you with your Storm Damage Insurance Claim:

Bad storms can be hard on any roof, and professional Lakewood roofers know that full well. That is why they have services in place to help homeowners and business owners file claims to their insurance providers that would help them obtain compensation for their losses or at least to cover some of the repair costs for damaged roofing.


A dependable Lakewood roofer will advise you from the start to gather as much evidence as possible showing the roofing damage – preferably through video and drone footage – and then rely on them to give you a full roof inspection so you’ll know exactly what the damages represent and how much they will cost to fix.


Many insurance firms will seek a quick resolution, and the advice of local Lakewood roofers is to hold out on making any decisions until such time as you have all the information you need. Following the roof inspection and the gathering of evidence, experts also recommend consulting a public adjuster or an attorney about filing all the paperwork you need for your claims.


The most important role, however, is played by the roofers themselves. They are essentially the authority on how storms affect roofing systems, and their evaluation will help you get the right compensation based on what your insurance coverage allows.

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