If you’re in the market for new siding, there are many potential options you can consider. However, unlike even the types of siding that are considered most advantageous, high quality fiber-cement or concrete siding has the edge in many different areas:

Standing Seam Metal Roof in Aurora Colorado

  • One of the best advantages of concrete siding is its impressively long lifespan. This is one type of siding you won’t have to replace for at least half a century, and the maintenance requirements are also minimal. Some siding manufacturers even have warranties that guarantee the siding will stand for 50 years.
  • Some of the best local Lakewood roofers say concrete siding offers surprising beauty and style. In some cases you won’t even be able to recognize that the home or building in question is equipped with fiber-cement siding. Some varieties feature more than 20 different types of colors and a variety of fashionable styles that will even make your siding look like genuine wood.
  • Compared to aluminum, vinyl and other types of siding, fiber-cement is also remarkably weather-resistant. It can withstand fire and rain easily, and it won’t be as easily damaged by hail and snow as aluminum.


With the help of concrete siding, you will ensure the safety and long term resilience of your home, while maintaining its beautiful style. Also, you’ll find most local contractors will be more than happy to provide you with the exact type of concrete siding that you need.

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