Kids Love Snow in Boulder Colorado

Kids love snow. Shop Owners do not! As the cold season approaches, building owners and contractors alike brace themselves for the inevitable problems low temperatures and snow bring. Commercial roofing is particularly vulnerable to the elements.

First and foremost, a commercial roof is generally flat, thus it cannot shed the piles of snow like a gable residential roof. The buildup of snow piles can lead to excessive weight and, in extreme cases, even to a roof collapse. Melting snow is also a problem, as it forms equally heavy puddles of water.

Gutters clogged with leaves or branches from the fall will prevent water from draining. As the temperature drops, frozen puddles contribute to the snow weight on the roof, while the water stuck in the pipes can freeze and crack the downspouts.

Speaking of temperature, commercial roofing is subject to thermal “shock” as the thermometer rises and falls, stressing the joints and seams between different materials. Gaps form and water fills them, adding further pressure. Leaks are likely to occur.

Finally, a store is always heated during the winter months. A poorly insulated roof allows heat to dissipate into the cold air outside, forming condensation. This in turn forms mildew and mold, affecting the structure of the roof.

All these problems can be easily prevented by hiring an experienced commercial roofing company to do checks right before the winter season, thus avoiding expensive damages.



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