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Hail storms are very dangerous to the state of one’s roof, sometimes even resulting in its need to be replaced. We could say that the damage can be either on the functional, or on the visual level. However, the actual damage can sometimes be worse than it looks, so having your roof inspected after a hail storm can certainly help a lot.

Broken edges, punctures, bruises or granule loss can further lead to more complications, and therefore taking the necessary measures in due time is very important for trying to save your roof and prolong its lifespan.

Loss of granules, for instance, can lead to fast aging of your roofing system. You need to or have Parker roofers check your gutters and downspouts after a hail storm and see if there are any signs of granule loss inside them.

Cracks in the shingles can further lead to tears and exposure. This can leave your roof with empty spots. In fact, a cracked roof cannot effectively protect you from outside weather.

Hail can expose your fiberglass mat or even fracture it. A fractured fiberglass mat is less easy to detect and requires an experienced eye.

Even the smallest hail storm can have an impact on your roof, so it is not exaggerated to call on roofing experts for a quick inspection.

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