Low Sloped Roof in Castle Rock Colorado

Important Aspects to Consider

So you’re thinking of installing a brand new roof, but you don’t know the type of design that you should use. Low slope designs are more popular these days according to an experienced commercial roofing company in town, while steep slope roofing systems are still quite prevalent. So which one should you use, and why?


The following tips should not only help you in this regard, but they should also provide you with a clearer choice regarding the type of roofing to go with:


  • Low-slope roofing systems such as modified bitumen, built-up roof membranes or single-ply membrane roofing are popular because of their easy installation and repair. They are great for commercial applications, and they can use additional membrane layers for weatherproofing, heat-resistance, puncture-resistance and more.
  • Steep slope roofing systems include asphalt shingle, slate, metal, wood shakes, concrete tiles and synthetic roofing systems. These roofs are more aesthetic and most commonly used in residential roofing projects. The advantages of steep slope roofs is that they can often handle the elements more efficiently, and they can be subject to cheaper repairs and partial replacement projects.


Considering either one of these options is possible regardless of whether you own a common residential property or a commercial building. Before making your choice, however, it’s important to research the benefits and drawbacks of each roofing style more closely, ask your local contractors for quotes, and think about the benefits you would want from your brand new roof.

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