Benefits Of Metal Roofing Vs. Shingle Roofing or Tile Roofing Boulder Colorado

Metal roofs are great, modern roofing materials that are gaining popularity quickly, so much so that today almost 10% of the US re-roofing market is taken up by metal roofs. Metal roofs make excellent options for any climate area, Colorado being no exception, so here are a few of the most important benefits that homeowners in the Centennial state can enjoy if they choose metal for their new roof:


  • Cost efficiency and longevity – metal roofing materials may cost more than other options, but they last for about 30-50 years, almost twice as long as cheaper materials, so if you break down the costs, you will see that metal roofs are, in fact, very affordable. Owners who choose metal roofing can benefit from great federal, state-level and local incentives as well that lower the costs even further;
  • Weather resistance – metal roofs stand up to any weather, including heavy rain, thick snow, hail, harsh sunshine and high winds and the material is not flammable either, offering the highest level of fire-resistance of all roofing materials;
  • A wide range of styles and colors – metal roofing materials come not only in large panels – they are available in shingle form and the range of the colors that you can choose from is very wide;
  • Easy installation and low maintenance needs – qualities that make metal roofs even more attractive for homeowners.
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