Important EPDM Roofer Installation

Roof sealing systems based on EPDM synthetic rubber membrane are designed for flat roofs, typically installed on civil, commercial and industrial buildings. They are also suitable for extended green roof systems and/ or photovoltaic systems. These sealing systems consist of EPDM rubber membranes and a wide range of accessories that fit all types of roofs in all types of environments, offering unexpected performance and very high durability when installed by a Denver EPDM roofer.

The technology used to ensure professional waterproofing also depends on the degree of qualification of the professional or waterproofing specialist, which is why it is always very important to hire someone specialized in EPDM roofing. The EPDM membrane can be installed in more than one way: with ballasting, glued (totally or partially), or mechanically fixed.

A specialist will keep both the number of joints and the risks to an absolute minimum. They will perform as few actions on the roof as possible, which will ensure faster waterproofing of each structure.

Synthetic rubber membranes have excellent properties and are suitable for exposure to UV rays and ozone, without aging. EPDM synthetic rubber is very elastic, wear-resistant, as well as resistant to temperatures as low as -45 ° C.

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