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Roof Maintenance plays a key role the lifespan of a flat roof. Suppliers of materials and roof manufacturers offer warranties that cover materials and workmanship, for a certain period of time. However, these warranties become void if the roof is not maintained properly, or if it gets damaged by unauthorized traffic.

The main steps a building owner or manager should take to proactively maintain a flat roof:

  1. Keeping roof records: material warranties, inspection reports, roof maintenance and repair invoices, technical specifications etc.
  2. Periodic cleaning the roof and the drainage elements from debris, dirt, vegetation, etc.
  3. Periodic inspection of the roof for early detection of potential problems – for example, visual inspection of the cover membrane together with detection of wet thermal insulation using the infrared method provides a clear picture and an accurate diagnosis of the whole roof system.
  4. Checkups after unusual weather events (strong winds, heavy rains/ snow falls, hail, etc.)
  5. Inspection of the roof after the intervention of other specialists in order to maintain/ repair equipment stored on the roof
  6. Correct and fast repair of the roof by specialized Denver flat roof repair contractors, certified by material suppliers
  7. Restricting the roof traffic to authorized personnel only.

But what do maintenance and repair have in common? Both maintenance and repair jobs entail a thorough inspection and, of course, the repairs themselves. However, since maintenance is done regularly, it will prevent future damage and thus reduce the need for more costly repairs in the future.

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