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Why is it important to know about Rubber Roofing?

It seems that the market for construction materials is getting increasingly more diverse. The latest addition to the range of roofing materials is the rubber roofing system. But what is this, exactly?

The name may sound delusive, as rubber roofing does not come only as rolls, which are used on flat roofs. The most common form is rubber shingles, which are the same sizes and colors as wooden or stone ones.

The best aspect of such a roofing system is that it proves to be one of the most resistant types of roofs available on the market. Unlike traditional slates, it is highly resistant to cracks, crumbling, hail and sudden shifts in temperature. The first rubber roof in the United States was installed on a house in Wisconsin and has not been replaced since. Most sellers offer a lifetime warranty for their roofs.

Another important characteristic is that most manufacturers use recycle old tires to obtain material for their shingles. Old roofs can also be recycled to produce new ones. Not only this is an eco-friendly roof, it also has great insulating properties, thus reducing the heating bill during the winter months.  Talk with Colorado Superior Roofing to see what roofing options work right for your home.

As a conclusion, rubber roofing is a convenient roofing alternative for those who loathe reroofing. It is definitely a roof worth taking into consideration when building or replacing the old one.

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