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EPDM is a synthetic rubber, very resistant to UV exposure and other climatic influences. In addition, it is known for its great, permanent flexibility. The material has more than 50 years of worldwide quality as a waterproofing material for flat roofs.

The characteristics of natural rubber (very good elasticity, expansion, good cold flexibility, tensile strength, low heat resistance) could not be adapted or manipulated. That is why synthetic rubber has appeared, which specialists can adapt and modify to determine its molecular structure, which allows them to design the construction of polymers. The result of such work allows EPDM synthetic rubber to adapt precisely to its specific uses and requirements.

Hot soldering is a technique by which EPDM rubber membranes are interconnected to create a roof cover of considerable size. This process is called vulcanization and takes place under special conditions.

A dependable Lakewood EPDM roofer must know the characteristics of this membrane very well and have experience in installing, maintaining and repairing roofs covered with such a product and the full range of accessories required (execution of joints and seals, corners, drainage systems etc).

Also, a professional EPDM roofer must always offer workmanship warranties.

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