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A roof leak is a nuisance in any period of the year and they can be even more of a burden in winter, when the temperatures outside are below freezing, the roof is covered in snow and repair options are limited. The harsh conditions that come with winter can cause small leaks to become large ones quickly and large leaks to become even larger almost overnight – here are a few things that you should know about winter roof leaks:

  • What causes them – the most common cause of winter roof leaks is ice damming. When the heated air from inside the building rises to a snow-covered roof, the layer of snow that is in direct contact with the roof surface becomes melted and the resulting water runs down on the roof slope, only to freeze again at the roof edge. Ice being very heavy, the ice dam drags down the roof, causing gaps and cracks to appear and letting water through: The other common cause of winter leaks is the weight of the snow that presses hard on the roof surface and weakens it;
  • Why they aggravate quickly – the water that penetrates the deeper layers of the roof might expand and enlarge the initial gap, crack or hole leaving a need for Lakewood EPDM roofing repairs;
  • What you can do – gently removing the ice and the snow from the roof will give you a clean surface that makes it easier to identify the exact location of the leak. Until the weather turns good, you can find a temporary solution, such as applying foil to stop the leak.
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