Tips For Hanging Lights

It is that time of year again, when globes and tinsels are taken out from the closet,  and carols are heard at the supermarket. Of course, part of this festive spirit is the decorating of your house. The roof is a tricky part, therefore here are a few suggestions you should bear in mind:

Avoid clutter

Overcrowding is the trap most people fall into. A roof with too many items will seem over the top to the passers-by. Focus instead on two or three elements and arrange them in a way pleasing to the eye. It very much depends on the look you are trying to achieve, but most times less is more.

Emphasis on architecture

Try choosing the light display accordingly to the style of your house. The Victorian style, with its many gables, is worth being emphasized with many lights, although you may want to have a Lakewood roofer do an inspection of your roof before climbing up there. A simpler house, for example a Ranch or a Split-Level Suburban, will look fabulous with an unfussy string of lights outlining the roof.

Seek inspiration

Ask your friends and neighbors how they do it. Flick trough a decoration magazine or do a quick search online. There are many pictures from which you can draw inspiration.

One last piece of advice: experiment. Try different approaches every year and see how they come out.

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