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Many home owners consider DIY roofing projects in order to save the money they would pay for a professional Parker roofer. Unfortunately, in many cases things do not evolve in their advantage, as roofing is a complex job and too many things can go wrong if you are not properly trained and experienced to handle them. As such, the estimated money saving may turn to higher costs than those you would have pay for a professional roofer.

Keep reading for the best reasons to say no to DIY roofing.

Know-How and workmanship

Professional roofers have years of training and technical education, so you cannot match their level unless you are a professional roofer yourself. Trying to reproduce professional work is not as easy as you see in video tutorials.


A professional roofer will always offer you warranties for materials and workmanship, which means that you are entitled to benefit from repairs free of charge, if something goes wrong with the roof while is still being covered by those warranties.


DIY roofing will void your insurance coverage, as insurance companies pay only if the roof has been maintained and repaired along the way by professional roofer – and you must be able to prove this with the reports and certificates you get.

Your own safety

Professional roofers are insured and follow strict safety rules. Remember that saving money on roofing repairs is not worth risking your life.

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