Having A New Commercial Roof Installed

Having your commercial roof replaced is a big deal, considering the amount of money and disrupt this procedure involves. However, when the result of periodic inspections reveal that it is time to consider a better roof for your structure, do not postpone this, because you risk more serious roof damage that will cost you even more.

A new commercial roof will only bring you advantages that will reflect in the image and success of your business.

  • You get improved weather protection

Roofing materials keep improving in terms of efficiency, so a new roof is now a great addition and a very long term investment that will keep your business safe from bad weather – whether it is snow and ice, wind and hail or very powerful UV radiation.

  • The overall safety of the building is ensured

With the installation of a new roof, the building`s structure is also checked for safety issues, and areas that may compromise the safety are being consolidated.  It is also recommended after the new installation that you have flat roof repair done semi-annually.

  • You will get better energy-efficiency and sustainability

Modern roofing techniques and materials provide significantly better energy efficiency, which will translate into lower energy bills for your business.

  • There are new depreciation rules that work in your favor

Since 2017, the new tax code provides you more incentive to replace your business` roof. Read the benefits in section 179.



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