commercial roofing leak repair immediate

A leaking roof is something that nobody really wants to see. Even regular maintenance can sometimes be inefficient in preventing your roof from leaking. You should look for signs and identify any leaks as soon as they may develop.

In case the interior of your building is constantly exposed to water infiltration, mold can grow, and you can notice its presence by its specific, unpleasant odor.

Commercial roof leaks can be caused by poor drainage systems. In case water cannot be properly drained from your roof, there can be water standing or ponding up there. Apart from the fact that it may result in roof leaks, water accumulation can put a lot of pressure on the structure of your roof.

The areas around roof penetrations may also need special attention, and improper sealing can lead to leaks. Roof penetrations usually refer to vents, drains, pipes, gas lines, HVAC units, etc, which usually come through the membrane of the roof.

Damaged roof flashings may also lead to roof leaks. These flashings are typically installed in areas like skylights, chimneys, roof edges, and so on. An improperly installed flashing may be affected by extreme temperatures.

At any rate, calling on a commercial EPDM roofing company as soon as you detect a leak is always the best choice.


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