EPDM Roofing Products Choices EPDM roofing is a type of rubber flat roof that is typically recommended for commercial roofing applications. While this is true, there’s really nothing stopping most homeowners, if they want to get an EPDM roofing installation for their residential property.


In most cases, EPDM will actually be considered a great choice for any type of roof setting. It’s durable, easy to maintain, and it has an excellent track record against precipitation, hail and snow buildup. EPDM roofing also offers good insulation to protect your home against increased HVAC use and expensive electricity and gas bills.


Parker roofers are extremely efficient when it comes to dealing with less conventional roofing choices, and having to be an EPDM roofer who caters to residential clients definitely stands out as being a part of those choices. Still, even though the choice is somewhat less convenient, and your EPDM roof will likely not look as good as an expensive slate roof installed on a higher slope, EPDM is certainly practical, easy to maintain and easy to repair.  It’s best to talk with a Parker EPDM roofer for advice in choosing the best and most durable roofing product for your residential home.


If you want the best results with these types of roofing choices, consider hiring one of the best Lakewood roofing professionals for the job and getting the unique services that you need for your project.

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