parker home flat roof epdm waterproofing system

A major advantage of a flat roof over a pitched one is that it is not influenced by strong wind. We all know that, in the case of extreme phenomena (storms, hurricanes, tornadoes), sloped roofs are less resistant; there are many examples when entire roofs have been torn off and taken by the wind, which we cannot say about flat roofs that are much less exposed to damage in the face of these phenomena.

Nowadays, the flat roof is not only specific to commercial buildings, but also to modern cubic residential constructions. One of the most important services, when it comes to this type of roofing, is waterproofing. The simple construction elements for a seemingly roofless house, involve several aspects such as: a floor, a perimeter attic, rainwater collection holes, water drainage slopes, waterproofing and thermal insulation, as protective layers of the construction.

The installation of complete and guaranteed solutions, using waterproofing systems with EPDM membrane, will ensure high durability and safety in the operation of the flat roof.

Flat roof systems and waterproofing systems must last a long time. Climate change, due to global warming, has increased the intensity of certain phenomena: floods, extremely severe and unpredictable weather, with structural and mechanical implications, and the list goes on.

This continuous wear can lead to the rapid aging of conventional waterproofing Parker EPDM roofing systems on flat roofs. Waterproofing systems with EPDM membrane have a lifespan of about 5 decades, due to its molecular cross linked structure.

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