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Roofing estimate must be made on site, by professional Littleton roofers. They need to determine the condition of your current roof, measure the new roof and assess the access to your home and roof, in order to provide a proper estimate.

There are many variables in a quote and each roof is unique – so an expert needs to come to your home to give you the best estimate.

Here are some common things that affect the final estimate:

  • Existing roof damage

If your roof is already leaking, the cost of replacing it will increase, given the insulation or internal structures that are likely to need to be replaced too.

  • Roof size

Larger roofs are usually more expensive, however, the cost per square meter can be reduced to a larger roof.

  • Product choice

The profile, finish and color you choose can affect the cost, as some options are more expensive than others.

  • The complexity of the design

As a rule, the more complex your roof, the higher the cost. Chimneys, skylights or the intersection of several valleys will increase the cost of the roof.

  • Location and access to the house

Transportation costs and proximity to the nearest professional installer may affect the cost, and unusual or difficult access to the installation location may require the use of special equipment.

  • Changing the type of roof

If you change the type of roof, this may require the installation of new structures, such as thick planks or horizontal beams.

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