Waterproof Roofing

One of the most important roles of the roof on your home is to protect the building against water – in other words, only water-proof roofs can do their job properly, so yes, you should definitely water-proof your roof. Here are a few tips how to troubleshoot an existing roof that is not waterproof yet and how to ensure that your new roof is watertight:

  • To make sure your existing roof is watertight, carry out a careful and thorough inspection of the shingles and the tiles on it. Look for damaged roofing cover elements, such as cracked or chipped tiles, buckled or torn shingles or that have granules missing – all these issues disrupt the integrity of the roof and they let water penetrate underneath, so replace the damaged components right away;
  • If you are in the process of installing a new roof, install a layer of waterproof material, such as roofing felt, foil or tar paper between the rafters and the shingles or the tiles;
  • Use a waterproof coating – waterproof compounds can efficiently seal your existing roofing. You can choose an oil-based or water-based coating product and you can also choose the application method you want use – waterproof coating comes in the form of sprays or as liquids that can be applied using a brush or a roll.

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