Fluid-applied coating Fluid-applied membrane coating on UC Health LittletonThe goal of a roof system is simple and utilitarian: protecting the building from weather and keeping its content safe.

Flat roofs are mostly installed on commercial and industrial buildings, as well as on large public structures, such as universities and hospitals, and are being different than slopped roofs, in more ways than the shape. Nowadays, they become more and more popular for modern residential buildings too.

Such a roof is designed to be economical and efficient. It is important to understand its components before deciding to install one on your building.

Any flat roof system has a substrate made of different materials (boards, plywood etc.), known as the deck; it is the base of all the other roof layers. Next, a vapor barrier is installed on the deck, followed by the insulation. The type and amount of roof insulation is calculated according to the climate conditions in the area.

On top of the insulation, there is a protection board, which offers surface for the next layer known as the base layer, which typically consists in felt mats fixed into place with different methods.

The topmost layer is the roof membrane, designed to seal the roof and protect it against weather.

Just like a sloped roof, a flat roof must also have adequate drainage and ventilation systems installed by Denver commercial roofing professionals.

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