Flat Roof With Drainage Issues

Flat roofs are nowadays common components on commercial and residential buildings as well, but their shape and construction make them prone to issues that don’t affect sloping roofs, not even those that don’t slope in a very steep angle, or that of metal roofing solutions. Here are some of the most common repairs that you should be prepared for if your building has a flat roof:

  • Roof leaks – leaks affect sloping roofs as well, but flat roofs are more susceptible to developing cracks and holes through which water seeps in where it shouldn’t. Fortunately, flat roofs are easier to inspect to repair than the roofs steeping in awkward angles, so just call a roofer, he will take care of the necessary repairs quickly;
  • Ponding water – rainwater and melted snow cannot slide down on the surface of flat roofs and they tend to accumulate on the flat surface, damaging the roofing underneath. The problem can be fixed by draining the water, either with a temporary extraction system or by installing a drainage system that will make sure the issue does not return;
  • Buckling – the topmost layer on many flat roofs is an asphalt membrane, a material that can get damaged by very harsh sunshine. The repair of buckling asphalt is also an operation that should be left to professional roofers.
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