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When it comes the time to replace your roof, you will have to go through several stages.

You need a roofing expert – Contact a few local licensed roofers, specializes in the type of roof you have/ want like a Lakewood EPDM roofer evaluate them and ask for written estimates.

The installer’s visit – The installer will come to your home to examine the roof. They will be there to give you professional advice and to inform you about details that interest you. At the end, they will make you a free estimate.

Signing the contract and getting started – Choose the roofing company that has the best offer and services and make sure the details in the estimate you have previously got also appear in the contract. Schedule the start of the work for a date agreed upon by both parties. Some roofing works are dependent on weather conditions, so the date may be slightly delayed, but do not accept major gaps!).

The big day – Installing a roof takes up to a week and is done in several stages:

  • Lifting scaffolding and installing the safety equipment
  • Removing the old cover materials and disposing them safely
  • Checking the roof structure, reinforcing it if necessary and preparing the surface for the new roof
  • Installation of the new and complete roof system
  • Cleaning the area and carrying out the final inspection of the new roof

Final signature – Any outstanding payment must now be made, and the installer gives you the warranty certificate and the maintenance guide.

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