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Damage to the roof leads to water infiltration, which is one of the worst problems you can experience with your roof, because it has a huge damaging potential, unless it is addressed promptly.  The main reason for the appearance of leaks in the roof are generated by the incorrect installation and sometimes also by the incorrect design of the roof.

Other factors that may affect the integrity of the roof include:

  • physical aging of the materials (wear and tear)
  • the use of materials that are cheap and do not meet quality standards
  • infiltrations can also occur in the area where snow guards are fixed on the roof, during the winter. Due to the weight of the snow, there is a big pressure on the screws, which, combined with the freeze-thaw phenomenon, can form vulnerable areas that allow water to sweep in. It is advisable to check these screws every few years and to insulated the areas around them regularly, using special silicone.
  • the operation of cleaning the snow on the roof during the winter, using tools that may scratch or damage the surface of the roof
  • incorrect installation of flashing, in roof valleys as well as around ​​chimneys and vents
  • poor thermal insulation of the roof which causes condensation, which may lead to water infiltrations

Sometimes leaks also happen when gutters and downspouts are clogged, and rainwater, instead of being collected and drained, is ponding on the roof or running along the walls.  Maintenance by a Denver commercial roofer can help your roof be it’s best.

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