flat roof drain needs repair commecial roof replacement

As most commercial roofing contractors might tell you, there are many reasons why you could want your commercial roof replaced rather than repaired, even if the roof itself is still relatively new. Age is the most important reason, of course, and if your roof is old enough to warrant a complete replacement, most roofers will recommend that you get it. However, it’s also important to look at some of the other reasons why business owners would consider the option of a full replacement:


  • It’s possible that your roof wasn’t installed properly to begin with. Such a problem is pretty big, and can have dire consequences. For instance, the ventilation system might not work, so you have to pay more money to keep your HVAC running; or you might have to deal with constant structural problems that require frequent small fixes. In the long run, these small fixes will cost your company a lot of money.
  • Another reason why flat roof repair might not work out is if your roof wasn’t meant for the Denver weather. Colorado has a debilitating climate that is exceedingly dry and features wild temperature changes between summer and winter. Under the circumstances, it’s usually a good idea to ask your commercial roofers with https://www.coloradosuperiorroofing.com/commercial-roofing/ whether it’s even worth repairing your old roof, or whether it might be best to consider a complete replacement.
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