Roofers Slanted Roof vs Flat Roof

Slanted Roofs vs Flat Roofs

Adding a new roof to a building will make you realize how many available options you actually have. However, the most basic thing you will have to do is choose between a pitched and a flat roof. Both types of roofs can successfully cover most buildings, especially considering the wide variety of materials they can be made from. Therefore one of the most important criteria in people`s choice is the price.

Flat roofs are the most affordable option and can be available in single-ply, built-up or sprayed polyurethane foam designs. It is important to know that they are not necessarily cheaper because they are less effective, but because they are simpler and require less work to be installed. Nowadays, a flat roof properly designed and installed flawlessly by specialists, using quality materials, can last as much as a pitched roof.

If you want to understand the price difference between a flat roof and a pitched roof, you can use an online roofing calculator or call local Littleton roofers. An average flat roof made of concrete costs about $7,500, whereas a slanted roof with the same specifications costs about $9,500.

Naturally, before making your choice, you should also discuss with a local roofer, who can give you the best advice as well as accurate estimates, according to the particularities of your building.

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