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Flat Roofs

A flat roof can sometimes be a wise alternative to the classic ”V shape” roof. It is cost-effective and gives you the advantage of using its space. But, on the other hand, flat roofs can sometimes be problematic, especially because of the recurring leaks and repeated repairs that it takes.

If your roof has been properly installed and maintained, fixing some minor problems could extend its life by 5 years. But, in some cases, it is indicated a complete replacement, rather than wasting money on repairs. For example, if your roof is made of asphalt, over the years it can lose its elasticity and crack. This means that it needs a replacement.

Leaking is often a real trouble maker for the flat roofs because water that gathers from precipitations has nowhere to go. Because of that, the moisture can seep into the roof. To prevent that, look for obvious points of water penetration, like holes or other visible worn out areas. The most common small Denver commercial roofer repairs that you can do on your own are patching these sources of leakage or the puncture holes and then fixing the pipe flashing and the chimney if necessary. But if the leaking continues despite these repairs, you must leave these problems to a specialist roofer or handyman.

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