Colorado Spring Roofing Needs

Spring Roof Issues

After a long and cold winter, spring coming may be a reason for joy, but for many homeowners, it can be real trouble. Besides warm weather, spring usually brings a lot of rain and an entire set of threats for your roof.

  1. The most common roof problem in the springtime is the water damage, coming from the leaks. Heavy snowing followed by several melting and re-icing can cause some damage to roofs. Many homeowners find in the spring is that their roof is leaking.
  2. Besides leaking water, over the fall and winter, dead leaves and branches can accumulate in the gutters system and clog them, or even wear them down. On the other hand, the gutters that were not cleaned in time could result in rusting or even sagging.
  3. If during the winter lots storms occurred, in the spring some homeowners may find missing or broken shingles, especially if the installation was not done properly. Violent snowstorms or very low temperatures could also cause cracks in the chimney’s crown. Water can easily seep into these cracks and spaces left by the missing shingles.
  4. Water isn’t the only one that can easily sneak in. These structural damages are like an invitation for pests to enter your home. Little animals like birds, squirrels, and mice, will find your attic a very welcoming place to live during the cold season.  For roofing help, see
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