Commonly Asked Questions To Littleton Roofers

Roof Damage and Insurance Claims

The remedy for any roof damage, whether minor or severe, causes lots of stress and the process is usually complicated, especially if it involves an insurance claim as well. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions related to roofing insurance claims – maybe you find the answer to your questions, too:

  • What should I do right after I notice the damage – try to document and record every detail of the damage, then do whatever you can to mitigate the damage and to prevent any aggravation. Take pictures and videos of the damaged roof area, then determine the right mitigation method, such as covering the roof in foil;
  • Who will estimate the damage amount – you will need estimates from one or several Littleton roofers that you contact, but your insurer will send their own adjusters and perform their own checks as well;
  • What happens if the amount on the estimate provided by my roofer is much higher than the amount offered by the insurance company – you will need to check whether the insurer has included all the damaged components in their calculations. If they have omitted something, you will have to submit a supplementary document to support your arguments.
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