EPDM Roofing And Other Commercial Roofing Materials

Roofing Types For Businesses

In the construction of flat commercial roofs, specialists use different building materials. Asphalt roofs are the most common, using multiple layers of gravel and concrete to create a surface similar to that of a road. Unfortunately, just like roads, they become fragile at high heat and develop cracks. However, the roofing industry is evolving and new types of more efficient materials have been developed from polymer-based composite liquids that create a seal in the cracks, and do not allow the water to infiltrate.

Flat roofs are different: some are created to be walked on, even transformed into green terraces, others are rather traditional and non-walkable, and there are materials like EPDM roofing specially designed for each type that can withstand specific conditions.

Among the modern materials, bituminous polymer membranes are the most popular. The membrane guarantees durability, reliability and aesthetic appearance (thanks to its wide range of colors) and creates a roof with improved physical properties and high parameters. Installation of flat roof membranes can be done in any season: the materials are resistant to high and low temperatures as well as to various atmospheric conditions.

Another type of coating – the hydro insulation applied with gas burners, has advantages such as affordability and reputation built over time. The installation is carried out using bituminous-polymeric membranes that are welded by melting the lower layer with the burners. In this way, we obtain a resistant and durable waterproofing layer based on glass or polyester fibers.

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