Where To Start Flat Roof Damage

Flat Roof Damage 

The buildings with flat roofs have two major advantages: 1) the roof can be transformed into a space for relaxation 2) storms with strong winds will not tear your roof cover off. However, flat roofs also have a major disadvantage: the water can infiltrate more easily, since it does not evacuate as quickly as in the case of sloped roofs.

A flat roof must be in impeccable shape. Roof infiltrations can cause great damage, which is why investments to prevent them have to be considered in the long term.

What are the causes of infiltration?

  • Existence of micro-cracks in the structure of the membranes that cover flat roofs. These micro-cracks are typically caused by freeze-thaw cycles, excessive cold, but also excessive heat.
  • Lack of uniform coating of the entire surface of the roof
  • Chimneys, antennas, vents, access ways to the roof, as well as various other objects or works that penetrate the roof
  • Welding with interruptions when joining the ends of the insulating strips
  • Mechanical perforations
  • Waterproofing membranes improperly installed

You can spot the damage to your flat roof by having it inspected by Denver commercial roofing professionals carefully and periodically. The infiltration points are formed generally at the level of the joined materials, drainage system and different roof penetrations. As for the invisible infiltration points, they can be detected due to the condensation formed as a result of temperature differences, on the colder parts of the construction.


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