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Replacing the roof is not as complicated as it sounds. However, for the best results, it is important to be performed by specialists, both the dissembling of the old roof and the installation of the new one being particularly important for obtaining excellent results.

Here are the steps of the process:

  1. Obtaining the building permit
  2. Removing the old roof – This stage involves the removal of all the elements that make up the old roof, from the gutters and the eaves, to skylights and, of course, cover materials. This operation differs depending on the type of each roof, and the method it has been used for installation. The remaining materials are usually sorted and recycled, for economic and ecological reasons.
  3. Replacement of damaged support elements and installation of anti-condensation foil
  4. Installation of the new roof – This stage can also be divided into smaller stages. First of all, it will be necessary to choose the type of cover. More and more people choose metallic tiles and coated sheets – because these materials are resistant, very durable, they have a modern look and come with long warranties. Then, other accessories (mandatory or optional) will have to be chosen: drainage system, chimney, coating etc. The drainage system in particular is very important, and for the best results it is recommended to be purchased from the same manufacturer.
  5. Cleaning, final inspection and maintenance tips

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