EPDM Roofing Roofing Ventilation Important During Winter Denver Colorado

With the decision to build a roof is taken, people set a budget and have certain expectations from the final result. However, it happens that the planned budget does not correspond to the actual expenses, and the owners decide to make savings by ignoring some stages of the construction. Many of them decide to save on ventilation, regardless of its importance and efficiency.

The unventilated roof leads to the following risks:

  • The appearance of condensation
  • Mold formation
  • Increased humidity
  • Insect attacks

All of these risks cause severe damage to the wooden parts and the entire structure.

During the cold period, because of the low temperatures, condensation may occur in the roof structure, causing mildew and high levels of humidity. With proper ventilation, these problems can be avoided. The air circulation will ensure that the insulated material remains dry, therefore condensation will no longer be a problem and a longer life of all roof elements is guaranteed. In the case of winter precipitation and frost, the ventilation allows the uniform melting of the snow accumulated on the roof, avoiding the formation of ice barriers.

Therefore, the recommendation of the EPDM roofing specialists in Parker is to never ignore the ventilation of the roof, if you want to avoid the subsequent expenses for repairs and modifications. Proper ventilation will ensure the comfort of your home and your family’s health in any season.

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