How Often Should You Have Your Roof Inspected And Repaired

While in most cases, major Littleton roofing repairs are necessary only once or twice during a good roof’s lifetime, minor repairs and adjustments are usually necessary much more frequently. With roof cleaning and inspection scheduled as they should be, every six months, once in spring and once in fall, the roofing issues detected – if any – are likely to be very small, but their repair should not be postponed. Here are the types of repairs that you might need to tackle twice a year:

  • Displaced, cracked or chipped roofing components – shingles and tiles can get displaced or damaged because of the snow in winter and the storms and winds of summer can cause similar damage as well;
  • Clogged, cracked or sagging gutter pipes – these are also issues that mostly happen during the winter and in summer, so you are likely to be required to do some gutter cleaning and repair following your inspections in spring and in fall;
  • Flashing damage – the flashing around the chimney and around the openings on the roof, such as the skylights is also a sensitive roofing component that is easily damaged by cold and snow in winter as well as by the heat, the UV radiations and the storms in summer, so you will probably need to do some work on the flashing as well.
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