Roofers Keeping Your Roof Safe

Roofs are the topmost protective layer on buildings, the layer that is the most exposed to the elements. While roofing materials are developed to resist water, impact, heat and cold and roof installation methods are also conceived with the durability and the resistance of the roofing in mind, any roof, even the strongest, professionally installed one can be damaged by a severe storm. However, while there is no such thing as a completely storm-proof roof, there are lots of things that roof owners can do to increase their roof’s resistance to the howling winds as well as to the excessive rain, hail or snow associated with severe storms. Here are some easy tasks:

  • Regular maintenance – a strong and healthy roof can stand up to storms much more efficiently and the best way to ensure that strength is by maintaining the roof regularly. You should inspect the roof for damage at least twice a year and after each major storm, looking for damaged shingles or tiles, deteriorated flashing and gutters;
  • Timely repairs – the faults that you find need to be repaired as soon as possible by Lakewood roofers to ensure that the roof is at its very best at all time, prepared to face the next big storm.
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