Roofers Explain Pros And Cons Of Solar

We now have information and technology on how to use wind energy, solar energy, and water energy instead of natural resources. Our goal should be to cut the exploitation of natural resources and find even more environmentally-friendly solutions.

The development of solar panels has been booming for a number of years now, and people are more and more interested in them, as they become more accessible. Solar panel manufacturers ensure that their products can produce up to 300 liters of domestic hot water daily; domestic hot water heating accounts for up to 25% of the total electricity consumption in a home. Thus, installing a solar thermal system eliminates this energy costs. But this is not the only advantage: solar panels can also provide the energy necessary in the process heating and cooling the house and allow us to be independent from the gas or wood that we would have to pay for otherwise.

Solar panels can reduce energy costs by up to 40%; they have affordable prices; and are quite easy to install/ integrate into the roof.  Many of the local Lakewood roofers are have extensive training to install them on your roof.

Disadvantages of solar panels

  • They are less effective in the absence of the sun
  • They require maintenance and periodic cleaning, as the material they are made from gets dirty and this affects their performance.
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