Protecting Commercial Roof From Water LeaksThe roof protects a building from natural hazards (rain, wind, snow, ice, hail etc.), being exposed to various intensities of weather phenomena and other elements that cause deterioration and decay, sooner or later.

Protecting a commercial roof is essential for the protection for the contents below it.  There are safety standards about design, the selection of the materials and the installation itself. Also, a regular program of inspection and maintenance is another essential aspect in keeping your commercial roof as efficient as possible and increase its lifespan.

When t comes to protecting your commercial roof from water damage, you need a plan and determination to stick to it. First, you must find a good EPDM roofer, specialized in commercial roofs, and use its expertise to identify and fix problems regularly. Even what seems to be a small problem must not be ignored because it may aggravate sooner that you think.

Since most of commercial roofs are flat systems, preventing water damage largely depends on the condition of the membrane and the drainage system. Damaged membrane and prolonged standing water are the factors most prone to favor water leaks.

Besides repairs, a commercial roof also needs periodic maintenance, to strengthen weather resistance and prevent water leaks.

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