EPDM Roofer Low Slope Roofing

With a low slope, flat roofs are quite popular nowadays. In general, they are very commonly seen on commercial buildings such as shopping centers, but they are also more and more popular for modern residential buildings. These roofs have a smaller surface area than sloped roofs, which saves on materials and installation costs and translates into a smaller heat transfer area, which also means reduced heating costs. These roofs have a slope of about 5 degrees – it is not observable, but it is necessary for proper water drainage.

Initially, low sloped roofs were characteristic to dry regions, but due to the advancements in construction techniques and materials, they can now be designed to be efficient in any climate and to complement the geometry of almost any building.

The most important technical aspect when designing a low sloped roof is the choice of safe and efficient materials.

There are different checked, tested and safe materials that you can choose from. Prefabricated synthetic membranes represent the safest choice for waterproofing low sloped roofs. These membranes can be EPDM, PVC, TPO, PIB or KEE synthetic fiberglass reinforced membranes, each with their particular characteristics. You should consult with a professional Parker EPDM roofer in order to make the best choice.


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