Commercial Roofing Contractors Inspecting Roof Leak Damage

Sometimes the moment you realize that your commercial roof needs repair is during a storm, when you have to deal with a leak in your office. It is surely not a pleasant experience, but do not panic! That stream of water into your commercial facility is not the end of the world. You must take care of it by doing your best to collect the water and minimize interior damage and, when the storm is over, by contacting your insurer and contact commercial roofing contractors in Denver to start the necessary repairs.

Once you notice water flowing in your office, immediately move equipment and supplies away, to prevent them from being damaged. Items that cannot be relocated should be covered with plastic foil, and the water must be collected in a receptacle before reaching them or the floor.

The location of the leak should be marked with tape and you must also look for more problem areas, because if you are really unlucky, there may be other leaks in your building that should be identified promptly, before the rain stops.

This is about it when it comes to maintaining the situation. The next step is to find a good local roofer, have it assess your roof and provide you a quote. As soon as you find one you agree with, the repairs will be started.

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