Metal roofs are among the strongest, most durable roofing solutions available today – made from panels of galvanized metal that are also painted and coated for even more resistance to the elements, metal roofs can certainly endure a lot. However, the prolonged exposure to the elements can break down even the strongest protective layer and if metal comes into direct contact with air and moisture, the chemical reactions that lead to the appearance of rust start inevitably. If neglected, roof rust can spread very quickly, breaking down not only the coating on the surface, but the metal itself, too, so quick action is very important. Fortunately, the problem is easy to address – here is what you can do to eliminate roof rust and to prevent it from coming back:

  • Inspect the roof regularly – small spots of rust are easier to remove than large patches, therefore early detection is essential;
  • Clean and treat the affected area – surface rust can be removed with a stiff-bristled brush. After brushing away the rust, you should wash the area, then dry it or wait until it dries properly and apply a coating of paint and rust protection coating, contact a EPDM roofer Lakewood area for best results;
  • Replace severely rusted panels – the metal roof panels that are very severely rusted cannot be cleaned and they need to be replaced.
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