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Commercial roofs need to be periodically examined in terms of appearance and functionality. Maintenance can be provided on request by the roofing company that installed the roof in the first place, or by the beneficiary, if we speak of regular operation conditions, protection and minimum maintenance.

All surfaces insulated against infiltrations have a warranty period, during which the manufacturer is willing to stand behind its products that have been subjected to laboratory tests and fulfill their purpose for which they were manufactured. The installer of the roof also has the best interest to respect the manufacturer`s indications and provide quality services that will make the roof stand at least for the warranty period. However, in order to extend the service life of a commercial roof and prevent degradation, we recommend that you follow some simple maintenance rules that come in your best interest:

  • If it is necessary to install new equipment on the roof that requires penetrating the waterproofing membrane, it is recommended that you contact the contractor to reseal the respective areas.
  • Check the drain holes to ensure they are not clogged.
  • Do not perform unnecessary works on the roof that could cause mechanical, thermal or chemical damage, or deterioration of the waterproofing membrane
  • Restrict circulation on the roof, especially in winter. The membrane may be rigid because of the low temperature, and damage is more likely to happen. –all-tables/commercial-roofing/

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